Have You Seen These Egg Pockets That Are Trending On TikTok?

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Have You Seen These Egg Pockets That Are Trending On TikTok?

First we learned how to make soup-stuffed cheese on toast, and today we're learning how to make egg pockets. And you guessed it, it's yet another TikTok hack that we're obsessed with.

Quite literally pockets of eggs, these little vessels are perfect for stuffing with bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and... more egg, for making the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

How do you make them? Well, it couldn't be easier! Thanks to @caughtsnackin's video on TikTok, we now have a genius way of making breakfast time 10 times more fun. Introducing the egg pocket.

To start with, you'll need to heat some oil. Once the oil's heated, grab your spoon/spatula and coat it with the hot oil (trust us, we're going somewhere with this). After that, drench your spoon in a bowl of whisked eggs and return it back to the saucepan of hot oil.

Let it cook the egg. What you're doing it essentially frying the egg onto the spoon, so it retains the shape.

Then, let it cool and stuff with fillings (tomatoes, lettuce and a fried egg - if you fancy). The pocket should slide of your spoon with ease once it's cooked and cooled!

Talk about the perfect low-carb breakfast?

And it's not just @caughtsnackin who's been jumping on the egg pocket hype, other TikTokers including @reducedfatmeal also posted a video which has a huge 64 million views and 5 millions likes!

It's clear we're not the only ones weirdly excited to give this eggy snack a go.

Not much of an egg fan? Then check out this super-simple hack for making cheese on toast. You literally stuff the bread with tomato soup so it oozes out when you take a bite. Amazing, we know...

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