After Seeing It All Over Instagram, I Finally Gave the Crosley Record Player a Try

After Seeing It All Over Instagram, I Finally Gave the Crosley Record Player a Try

I love a good Spotify playlist, but there's nothing this old soul enjoys more than kicking back at home, a record playing in the background. In the past year, I've accumulated some of my favorite records, from iconic artists like Sam Cooke and Nina Simone. There's something so special about putting it on after carefully choosing it from a local vintage store. I live for these music and wine nights at home.

In an attempt to bring that familiar feeling to the office space I frequently use, I set out to get a new record player. Without any research, I went for the Crosley Voyager Turntable ($90), which I had long been seeing Instagram ads for. It looked so aesthetically pleasing, I figured it would also double as decor.

It arrived in great condition, but the hue looked a lot paler than captured online (more of a lavender than bright pink shade). Still, that didn't bother me because it blended with my earthy decor theme. I placed it on the credenza, and put it to the test immediately.

The one slight con is that the sound could be improved a bit. The turntable was a bit wobbly once the music came on, which caused the plastic needle to lightly scratch the record, and skip a few sounds. That said, the sound quality is a lot better if you switch to Bluetooth mode and link it to your Amazon Echo, and when the device is in an enclosed space.

Overall, if you're on the market for a decorative turntable for occasional plays, you might feel satisfied with it. The performance is in line with the more affordable price tag. The good news is, it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can experience it at your own pace and make an informed decision.

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