We can't get enough of Rihanna’s blonde side-sweeping hairstyle

rihanna blonde hair
Rihanna’s blonde side-sweeping hairstyle is goalsFREDERIC J. BROWN - Getty Images

While many may remember certain years by cultural events or fond memories, I used Rihanna's varying hair shades in the noughties as a barometer to gauge what year it was. She was the hair chameleon of the decade, after all. Riri with a jet-black gradient bob haircut? Well, that's 2007, duh. Her firey red lob meant it was 2010 – I could go on forever. But the 20s so far have been disappointing, to say the least; no new hair and no new music. Riri has clearly been too busy building her Fenty Beauty empire to sit in a hairdresser's chair, but that changed recently when the megastar stepped out with the brightest blonde shade we've seen her with since 2012. What's more, she's just added a sweeping side-parting to the mix.

Riri was spotted with the new hairstyle over the weekend at the F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas and we can't get over this head-to-toe leather biker-esque look. I mean, she did invent racing back in 2007 with the release of 'Shut Up and Drive', so it's nice to see she's still supporting the sport.

rihanna blonde hair
David Becker - Formula 1 - Getty Images

The singer had been teasing a lighter hue since we spotted (with a microscope, I might add) that she had one single highlighted strand back in June of this year, but if we thought that was news, we weren't prepared for Riri stepping out with poker-straight waist-skimming blonde hair just last week.

That's right, Rihanna has officially re-entered her blonde hair era, and we couldn't be more here for it. The dark roots seem to prove that this is a legit hair transformation and not just a temporary wig.

As an avid Riri stan, it's hard not to jump to conclusions that this new hair might mean that she may be ready to *finally* drop that new music she's been teasing us with for the last seven years or so, but who's counting? Me, I am.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that Rihanna has more news in store for us than just switching up her hair shade, but for now, let's all celebrate her blonde revival.

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