You need to see North West transform herself into Kanye West with makeup

IDK about you but I live (and when I say live, I really do mean ~live~) for North West and Kim Kardashian's TikToks – they are the sweetest mother-daughter duo, after all. So much so that it's become a daily routine of mine to check their joint account. And low and behold, after doing my morning social media scroll, I came across yet another of their hit videos, which IMO, is their best yet.

In the latest vid, North has transformed into looking just like her dad Ye, previously known as Kanye West. And no, the 9-year-old hasn't all of a sudden grown a few inches but instead, has used the power of makeup paired with her incredible skills. Truly, prepare to have your minds blown, folks.

In the eight-second clip, North is shown to be lip-syncing to Ye's hit 2013 song, Bound 2, alongside Kim, who is makeup-free and wearing a pair of oversized Gucci sunglasses.

To replicate her father's look, North has gone in with darker contour shades to carve out a newly shaped nose and jawline as well as having drawn on beard and bushy 'brow hairs. Not only that, but the young star has also created a new hairline with eyeshadow and is wearing a beanie hat to cover her long locks.

The video is currently sitting at just over 13 million views and 2.6 million likes, though, we expect this number to just keep on growing seeing as it was only shared a mere 5 hours ago!

The power of makeup (and social media), ey?

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