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Photo credit: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS - Getty Images
Photo credit: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS - Getty Images

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Okay, I can't lie – I love a good nosey around a celebrity's home and right now I am *freaking out* over Serena Williams' incredible set-up. Not only does her Florida pad (that she shares with husband Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, and their daughter, Alexis Olympia) feature a see-through piano and dedicated trophy room, but it also has an actual art gallery. An art gallery with a painting that features an actual chunk of rock from the moon stuck in it. Yeah, just let that one sink in for a moment.

Serena, who is close friends with Meghan Markle, gave a tour of her home as part of a feature with Architectural Digest and revealed that she had a lot of help from her sister, Venus Williams, when it came to the design process. Something that makes total sense given that Venus has her own interior design company, V Starr.

Ready for some more unreal details? Coming right up! Serena's 14,500-square-foot Spanish Mediterranean-style home, which took three years to complete, also has a designated karaoke room, named Sérénade (omg so clever! SÉRÉNAde!) and bar. The bathrooms have heated floors, there's a sauna in the gym (but no tennis courts, interestingly enough), a very grand wine cellar, an infinity pool and a walk-in wardrobe the size of my whole flat.

Her little one, who goes by her middle name, Olympia, who is now three, also has a pretty dreamy sounding bedroom complete with a pink custom-made castle bed, featuring a slide. "She goes down the slide every night while we’re thinking, 'Man, we shouldn’t have done that, because at bedtime she just wants to slide'," Serena told AD. "But whatever makes her happy makes me happy."

The dining room also features an incredible ceiling full of hanging lamps, some bright red artwork and more muted pale wood table, that can comfortably seat eight guests (side note: absolutely loving the idea of Meghan and Harry popping over for a dinner party and a night of boozy caterwauling in Sérénade afterwards).

As for Serena's favourite spot in the house, she said it has to be the art gallery (which is situated immediately beyond the front door, making it the first thing anybody who walks into her home will see). "That’s my favourite part of the house," she said. "It’s so unique. I’ve never seen anything like it." Agreed. Venus also added, "It sets the tone for the rest of the home."

And finally, just to really leave you all emerald with envy, you can watch a more in-depth tour right here:

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