You need to see Gigi Hadid’s bleach blonde ‘defying gravity’ hairstyle

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Photo credit: Gigi Hadid/@gigihadid
Photo credit: Gigi Hadid/@gigihadid

In her job as a model, we always thought Gigi Hadid had probably tried every kind of makeup and hair look possible. We’ve seen her sport a micro-fringe, XXL extensions in a nude photoshoot and every hair colour under from the sun, from silver to fiery red. But it turns out there was one look Gigi was yet to try: one that, literally, defies the laws of gravity.

Sharing pictures from her latest photoshoot on Instagram, Gigi’s hair is bright bleach blonde. In fact, her hair almost looks white and appears even brighter in stark contrast to her dark roots. But it doesn’t stop at the colour.

Gigi’s hair has (somehow) been swept up into an upwards do, with the tips pointing towards the sky. This impressive ‘do was the work of legendary hairstylist Eugene Souleiman for a Vogue Italia shoot – and it’s, quite honestly, a work of art.

Now, we're guessing this hair is (very likely) a wig but each post Gigi shared from the shoot was inundated with likes and comments, ofc:

One fan said: “Queen Gigi 😻”

Another wrote: “SO PRETTY GIGI❤️❤️❤️”

Gigi’s nearest and dearest also showed their support:

Sister Bella Hadid commented: “Obsessed”.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner came through with a simple: “🔥”.

Tan France added: “YES MAMAAAAA”.

While Olivia Culpo said: “Defying gravity!!! 🔥🔥”

Meanwhile, others spotted resemblances between Gigi’s hair and the hair of other iconic figures:

One fan wrote: “Modern day Marge Simpson”.

While one said: “this looks like that guy from hercules “hades” but a cool model version :)”

And another added: “Unlocked super Saiyan”

No matter who this hairstyle reminds you of, I think we can all agree that it is nothing short of iconic. And if anybody can pull it off, it’s definitely Gigi…

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