See Fern Britton's seaside home where she's recovering after dramatic surgery

fern britton
fern britton

Fern Britton is currently in recovery after having a shoulder replacement operation months after she revealed she was suffering from arthritis in the area. The former This Morning star currently resides in Cornwall and that's her chosen place to rest up and re-cooperate.

When Fern split from husband Phil Vickery, he stayed in the marital home in Buckinghamshire while she moved 270 miles away to the coast, staying at their former holiday home. Fern resides with her daughters, Grace and Winnie, and fans have been lucky enough to see inside her idyllic home thanks to television appearances and social media posts.

Fern once told The Times that "it's not ideal for living in permanently", but added that she has since "made some changes", and is staying there indefinitely. Take a look inside.

Fern Britton's living room

fern britton home xmas z
(Photo: Instagram)

Fern's living room is decorated with canary yellow walls. She shared a photo inside the space at Christmas time, when she had added to the exposed brick fireplace with string lights and red holly berries.


fern britton home fireplace z
(Photo: Instagram)

A previous image gave another look at the fireplace, when Fern had decorated it with a different type of plant. She keeps two bunches of daffodils on the mantelpiece, alongside candle stick holders and two white ornaments.

fern britton home snug z
(Photo: Instagram)

As well as her daughters, Fern shares the home with her pet cats. She photographed them in a corner of the living room which she quipped they have claimed as their "snug". It has a pale red sofa, a multicoloured striped armchair, and a wall unit with cupboards below and bookshelves at the top. Patterned green curtains and carpets are in keeping with the vibrant theme.

Fern Britton's kitchen

fern britton home kitchen table z
(Photo: Instagram)

Fern's kitchen is painted neon green, while furniture includes an aged wooden green dining table, and a combination of flowers in different vases.

Fern Britton's office

fern britton home office z
(Photo: Instagram)

Fern showed off where she was working during the initial lockdown period. The room has bright red walls, and with several post-it notes and stacks of papers, Fern called it "a mess".

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Fern Britton's garden

fern britton home garden z
(Photo: Instagram)

Fern spent a considerable amount of time overhauling the garden during the summer. The house is surrounded by a patio space with two wooden benches, and endless plant pots.

fern britton garden
fern britton garden

There was no mistaking Fern's countryside setting when she made a virtual appearance from her idyllic garden. Other nearby homes could be seen in the background and the star's welcoming outdoor space with shrubbery and pots could also be admired by fans.

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Fern Britton's bedroom

fern britton home bed z
(Photo: Instagram)

Upstairs, Fern's bedroom is decorated with mint green floral wallpaper, while she has dressed her bed in a sheep print throw.

fern britton home bedroom view z
(Photo: Twitter)

When she pictured her cat sitting on the window ledge, she revealed that it also has yellow curtains.

fern britton bedroom
fern britton bedroom

Fern sat down to do a television interview from her bedroom. The space has vintage style wallpaper, a dresser, a wall-mounted television set and a comfy looking armchair.