See Emily Blunt in the first trailer for BBC western The English

The series airs in November but will premiere at London Film Festival.

Video transcript


- My son, he is dead. And up on Powder River, there is a man trying to forget that he ever existed. So I'm going to go up there to remind him.

- Don't expect me to care for one boy.

- Help me, please.

- Can you shoot?

- If I have to.

- Oh, you'll have to. My people lived here over 2,000 years. White folk come like locusts hopping over each other's back to steal land. I just need a few acres, ma'am.


- Revenge.

- You ain't the only one.

- I'm looking for David [INAUDIBLE].

- He ain't exactly looking to be found, ma'am.

- The woman you're traveling with, maybe it's best for you to see the world as it really is-- us, them.

- I got a knack for survival.


- In this country, you going to win, you can't fight fair.

- You want to have some fun?


- Not quite the woman I expected.



- The only story I can tell is mine.

- We ain't here but a moment, none of us. One day, you'll go home.

- Home is here with you. How we met, why we met--


- --[SIGHS] it was in the stars.