See David Tennant in the first trailer for Litvinenko

David Tennant stars as Alexander Litvinenko in ITVX drama Litvinenko.

Video transcript


- My name is Alexander Litvinenko. I need to report a murder.

- Whose murder?

- Mine.

- I write book about Russia, about corruption. They want to kill me.

- You have a name?

- His name is Vladimir Putin.

- Sasha was murdered.

- An unidentified poison has been deployed in Central London.

- I need you to come to Moscow.

- We follow the poison, we find the poisoner.

- Do you know where they are?

- They're running the clock out. [? Listen, ?] there is no extradition agreement.

- To get justice, it is almost impossible. I want to continue fighting. You stop, I will never stop.

- "Litvinenko," available 15th of December. Stream free on ITVX.