See the Cover of the Next ‘Percy Jackson’ Novel (Exclusive)

Percy Jackson’s next quest — to get into college — isn’t getting any easier.

After securing his first letter of recommendation in last fall’s Chalice of the Gods, the demigod has a new mission in the seventh book in author Rick Riordan‘s series, titled Wrath of the Triple Goddess. The Hollywood Reporter is revealing the cover art for the book (see it above), which is set to hit shelves in September.

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The Wrath of the Triple Goddess continues the story laid out in Chalice of the Gods, with Percy seeking his second of three recommendation letters from Greek gods in order to be admitted to New Rome University. The second one will come from Hecate, the goddess of magic — if Percy can manage to complete her task.

“It takes place around Halloween, which seemed appropriate to me for Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and wizardry, who is our primary goddess in this volume,” Riordan told THR. “Basically, Percy and the gang have to house sit at Hecate’s house and [take care of] her pets while she is out of town enjoying Halloween. Things obviously take a wrong turn, and then they have to figure out how to fix things.”

Riordan teased the new book while on tour to promote Chalice of the Gods in the fall, but the cover artwork hadn’t been finalized. Here’s the full description of Wrath of the Triple Goddess:

“Percy Jackson, now a high school senior, needs three recommendation letters from the Greek gods in order to get into New Rome University. He earned his first one by retrieving Ganymede’s chalice. Now the goddess Hecate has offered Percy another “opportunity” — all he needs to do is pet sit her mastiff, Hecuba, and her polecat, Gale, over Halloween week while she is away. How hard could that be?

“Percy, Annabeth, and Grover settle into Hecate’s seemingly endless mansion and start getting acquainted with the fussy, terrifying animals. The trio has been warned not to touch anything, but while Percy and Annabeth are out at school, Grover can’t resist drinking a strawberry-flavored potion in the laboratory. It turns him into a giant frenzied goat, and after he rampages through the house, damaging everything in sight, and passes out, Hecuba and Gale escape. Now the friends have to find Hecate’s pets and somehow restore the house, all before Hecate gets back on Saturday. It’s going to take luck, demigod wiles, and some old and new friends to hunt down the animals and set things right again.”

The cover reveal comes as the first season of Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series enters its home stretch. The series, which Riordan co-created and executive produces, will debut its season finale Jan. 30.

The Wrath of the Triple Goddess is available for preorders and is set to publish Sept. 24.

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