See This Bride Realize She Accidentally Hugged the Best Man Instead of Husband During Toasts (Exclusive)

"I realized it wasn’t Dominik when his best man, Tom, started talking," bride Bayan Jablonski tells PEOPLE

<p>Bay Jabs/TikTok</p> Bayan Jablonski realizing she

Bay Jabs/TikTok

Bayan Jablonski realizing she's hugging the best man

A bride who thought she was hugging her groom during a toast quickly realized her mistake — and the moment was caught on video!

A TikTok posted by bride Bayan Jablonski, 24, of her wedding to Dominik Jablonski, 25, on Sept. 5 at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii shows the exact moment she realized her mistake.

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In the video, Jablonski arms are wrapped around the man standing next to her. After a few seconds, he turns and starts to talk.

"I realized it wasn’t Dominik when his best man, Tom, started talking," Bayan tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. "I wish I could remember what he said. But the sound of his voice made me realize that it certainly was not my husband that I was holding onto in fact — and I immediately freaked out and pulled away!"

At the time, Bayan adds that the best man didn't know she'd mistaken him for the groom. After the interaction, she recalls the two of them "laughing it off."

"I remember distinctly and very loudly Tom said, 'I thought you were just trying to be nice and you needed the support!' Which I thought was so sweet of him," she continues.

Bayan explains that while the speeches were going on she hadn't noticed that her husband was pulled to play with their nieces. "He was standing behind us the whole time watching it happen and laughing hysterically when he saw my reaction!" she says.

She adds: "His reaction to all of this on the other hand, has been so positive. He finds this whole thing hilarious and he’s the one that told me to post the video on TikTok for fun! In the beginning, I was opposed to it because I know how crazy the internet can be and some people would try to stir it in a different and maybe weird direction when it really shouldn’t be."

<p>Bay Jabs/TikTok</p> Bayan Jablonski and Dominik Jablonski on wedding day

Bay Jabs/TikTok

Bayan Jablonski and Dominik Jablonski on wedding day

When Bayan noticed the video start to go viral, the only thing she says surprised her was how quickly it happened.

"The week prior, I was posting beautiful videos of our wedding day and just documenting how gorgeous and sentimental our wedding was. And, of course, the funny video of me messing up and embarrassing myself decided to go viral!" she quips.

"That's so cute though, He definitely thought you just needed some support," one TikToker user comments on the video, while another writes, "The placement of his hands. Such a gentleman!"

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"I know this happens on the daily with people’s videos but I mean the constant notifications were crazy," Bayan says of the reaction. "The internet is such a crazy place to get noticed. I love being funny and making people laugh, so I was just glad that I got to do that to millions of people."

She adds, "Reading the comments made me realize how many women this happened to also, whether it was with a friend or a brother-in-law. Someone said their husband’s dad, which would mortify me even more! It was such a raw reaction of mine, I’m glad people got to relate to it."

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