Secure bike storage is the latest push to encourage people to cycle in Glasgow

Cycle parking is being installed in the city centre <i>(Image: Glasgow City Council)</i>
Cycle parking is being installed in the city centre (Image: Glasgow City Council)

New secure bike storage has been installed in Glasgow city centre in a further bid to encourage people to ditch their cars and cycle into the area.

Glasgow City Council has come under increasing pressure over the introduction of a Low Emissions Zone in the city centre and criticism of public transport across the city.

But a concerted effort is being made to make alternatives to private cars more attractive - including the introduction of increased cycle infrastructure.

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During the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships 12 new bike hangers were fitted in the city and decorated in the UCI jersey colours.

The secure cycle parking initiative was free to use during the mass cycling event.

Storage units are now to become a permanent - although paid for - fixture in the city from the end of September.

Councillor Angus Millar, Convener for Climate, Transport and City Centre Recovery, said: "These secure cycle parking units, located around the city centre, will help make cycling a more realistic and attractive option for people travelling to the city centre for work, study and leisure.

"Complementing our successful ongoing roll-out of secure on-street cycle storage in residential neighbourhoods across Glasgow, I am sure that these new short-stay units in the city centre will prove similarly popular.

"If you already cycle into the city centre on a daily basis, please take part in the trial before the scheme opens in full at the end of September."

The units are part of Trips, a new short term cycle parking initiative as part of Glasgow City Council’s Avenues Project and funded by the Sustrans Places for Everyone initiative.

There are 11 Cyclehoop bike hangars that accommodate six standard bikes, plus one Cargo bike hangar that can accommodate two cargo bikes or non-standard cycles.

These will be joined by a further eight bike hangars in September.

Bike theft has been on the increase in Glasgow and is cited as a particular concern by people looking to cycle into the city.

The council hopes that by introducing secure bike parking, more people will be reassured that they can use their bikes for transport.

Cyclehoop bike hangers can, it is claimed, have withstood five minutes of attack by security experts using hand tools and a power drill, and 90 seconds of attack with an angle grinder.

The Herald recently reported that the Scottish Government will face a court challenge to prevent drivers being fined for entering low emission zones in Scottish city centres following the creation of the first LEZ in Glasgow.

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A judicial review over the first scheme being brought in Glasgow has been sanctioned after a judge confirmed that it complied with the "real prospect of success" test set down in law.

Almost 150 drivers a day are being sanctioned financially for entering the LEZ zone, which came into force on June 1 this year.

The square mile city centre LEZ zone is aimed at improving Glasgow's air quality and was hailed at its launch by campaigners who said that it will save lives by giving residents "more breathable air".