The Secrets She Keeps: Fans have mixed reviews of DRAMATIC final episode

The last episode of psychological thriller The Secrets She Keeps aired on BBC One Tuesday evening, giving fans the final instalment of the story between kidnapper Agatha and mummy blogger Meghan. The drama, starring Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael as Agatha, came to a dramatic conclusion leaving some viewers satisfied - but others were left with more questions than answers.

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BBC aired the finale of The Secrets She Keeps on Tuesday

The final part of the six-part series saw Meghan (Jessica De Gouw) and Jack (Michael Dorma) O'Shaughnessy finally reunited with their baby Ben, but not without a fight. The tense ending saw Meghan and Agatha come face to face as Meghan pleaded with her former friend to give her baby back, knowing police were on-hand to intervene. Eventually, Ben was handed over and Agatha was shot in the arm to prevent her fleeing before being arrested.

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But while many fans were satisfied with the sixth episode, some were left wondering about other unanswered parts of the story. Taking to social media, one person Tweeted: "#TheSecretsSheKeeps - annoying ending!!! Been better if we knew who the father was. I did not like the ending!!! Nonsense!!!!"

While another wrote: "But I wanted to know who's baby it was." A third was equally frustrated, commenting: "Right so I've just finished #TheSecretsSheKeeps and I'm not happy with the ending... poor lass needed help not prison! And Meghan still got away with HER fling."


Viewers had mixed reviews for the final episode

However, others thought the ending was more than satisfactory, and any other plot lines were left open for a potential second series. "Really enjoyed The Secrets She Keeps on BBC. Some unanswered questions so another series perhaps," tweeted one person.

Another echoed these thoughts, writing: "Wow what an ending to #TheSecretsSheKeeps so dramatic! Quite a few twists and turns there. I have found this a gripping story that has really tugged at the heartstrings and pulled you in so many different directions. Wouldn't mind a series 2." The BBC are yet to announce another series of the psychological thriller.

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