The secret love language between Meghan and Harry we all missed

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have never been ones to shy away from public displays of affection. They're deeply in love, and they're happy to show it. Since day one of stepping out together as an officially betrothed, royal couple back in 2017, the hand-holding, back stroking, and longing looks of love have been a regular fixture.

But it's only now, as the Sussexes' senior royal roles draw to a close, that we've noticed the secret communication Meghan and Harry really share when they hold hands in public. And if you're of an emotional disposition, it'll be enough to make you weep.

On Saturday night, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Mountbatten Music Festival at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a big moment, not only because it was the couple's penultimate engagement as full-time working royals, but also because it was likely the last time Prince Harry would appear in uniform publicly as Captain General of the Royal Marines before he steps down. As the couple entered the auditorium, the 5,000-strong audience welcomed the Sussexes with a standing ovation.

Both wearing striking shades of red, Meghan and Harry arrived at their seats, and stood for upwards of 40 seconds to appreciate the audience's meaningful demonstration of appreciation. In typical fashion, the couple clutched one another's hand, and smiled as they looked around the room. It was a sweet moment:


But the real heartwarming stuff comes when you look a little closer. As Twitter account @henryscousin pointed out, when you zoom into exactly how Meghan and Harry were holding hands - their movements seamlessly mirroring one another's, with Meghan reassuringly stroking her husband's thumb throughout - it could move you to tears.

Just look at the love between them. Or the 'love language', as the tweeter put it:


It must have been an emotional moment for Prince Harry, to appear for a final time in his uniform after having devoted so much passion and so much of his life to the military. And to see how keenly Meghan was there to support him in a quiet, subtle way, despite all eyes being on them, is just lovely. Is it any wonder Harry wants to do all he can to protect his wife, considering how much they clearly mean to each other?

So for any naysayers who might doubt how genuine the Duke and Duchess' PDA has been over the years, now we can just show them this. That'll be a surefire way to get them to pipe down.

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