UK coronavirus live: Air fares from Heathrow Airport to rise thanks to ‘pandemic tax’

Tammy Hughes and Leah Sinclair
·1-min read

An additional tax has been added to outbound flights from Heathrow airport, adding pressure on families who want to travel abroad after a year of restrictions.

The airport will charge an extra £8.90 - also known as United Kingdom Exceptional Regulatory Charge - to all outgoing flights from April, increasing the fees it already charges which include baggage handling, water, electricity and other services.

This means a family of five booking a summer holiday with British Airways would pay an extra £44.50 for using the London airport.

The stealth tax, which must be passed by airlines to Heathrow, is an attempt to recover from the airport’s financial loss last year when a decrease in travel and passenger numbers left the airport with losses of £2 billion.