Will there be a season 3 of Netflix's Sweet Tooth?

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Is there going to be a Sweet Tooth season 3? Netflix

Are you ready to dive into the world of Sweet Tooth? The hit Netflix fantasy series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where people — like Gus, played by Christian Convey — start to be born part human, part animal.

As we reel from excitement of season two and wonder what's next for the hybrid children like Gus and his friends, you might be wondering if another season is on the cards. So, here's everything we know so far about the third season of Sweet Tooth.

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What is Sweet Tooth about?

Netflix's official synopsis is as follows: "On an epic adventure across a post-apocalyptic world, a lovable boy who is part human and part deer searches for family and home with a gruff protector". Think adorable kids, fuzzy animals with tonnes of drama thrown in.

Has Sweet Tooth season 3 been confirmed?

Super exciting news, a third season of Sweet Tooth is coming! Sadly, it will also be the final season... We're not crying, you are.

In season three, we will be venturing to icy Alaska, US, with Gus, Jepperd, Wendy and Bear as the gang and lead actor Christian teases that things will get a little darker this time round. "Gus is growing alongside the series, starting to mature as the themes get darker," he told Tudum. "There’s a lot he has to deal with, and it’s peak Sweet Tooth intensity."

"In a lot of ways, it’s exactly the story that I imagined we would tell and in a lot of ways it takes on its own life," showrunner Jim Mickle told Netflix about season three, which has already been produced in New Zealand. "Everybody is dealing with some kind of wound or emotional loss, whether that was somebody in their life or a part of themselves."

While there's no exact release date yet, the series will return in 2o24.

sweet tooth christian convery as gus in episode 201 of sweet tooth cr kirsty griffinnetflix © 2023

Who will star in Sweet Tooth season 3?

Many of our favourite faces will be returning for the third and final season, such as:

  • Christian Convery as Gus

  • Nonso Anozie as Tommy Jepperd

  • Naledi Murray as Wendy Eden

  • Stefania LaVie Owen as Bear

  • Rosalind Chao as Zhao

  • Amy Seimetz as Birdie

Some new, exciting faces will also be joining the cast, such as Cara Gee who will play Siana and Ayazhan Dalabayeva as Nuka. While (spoiler alert!) Aimee, Johnny and General Abbott all died so are unlikely to return, we don't know the fate of the likes of Dr. Singh and Rani, so I guess we'll have to tune in to find out!

Sweet Tooth is streaming on Netflix now.

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