You Can Sculpt Your Back and Arms (and Get Stronger) With These 12 Exercises

Strengthen your upper body with these dumbbell back exercises and dumbbell arm exercises you can do at home or at the gym. If your goal is to tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, and lats you need to dedicate more time to strengthening your upper body. As a fitness trainer, I know that if you consistently do at least two strength sessions a week with an emphasis on upper-body strength, you should begin to see improvements in your strength in a minimum of six weeks.

This list of upper-body exercises focuses specifically on targeting your arms and back. This is not an upper-body dumbbell workout, so don't make the mistake of doing all these moves at once. If you want to put some of these exercises to the test, implement three to five moves from this list into a dumbbell back workout, an upper-body workout, or to include in a total-body routine. Strengthening your upper body will make everyday tasks easier, like lifting a heavy box onto a high shelf, or carrying multiple bags of groceries at one time. Keep reading to learn how to do these dumbbell arm and back exercises.

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