Scottish Singer, Aged 22, Wants Over-40s To Be Banned From Nightclubs

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Photo credit: @talliastorm - Instagram
Photo credit: @talliastorm - Instagram

Michael Gove has made headlines once again, but not over Brexit claims or PPE contracts. This time the cabinet minister was spotted raving in an Aberdeen nightclub at 2am over the Bank Holiday weekend. Wearing a suit, no less.

The clip, which shows Gove alone on the dance floor – arms aloft, flailing wildly, out of time with the music – sparked a social media frenzy that culminated in a debate on Good Morning Britain: should over-40s be banned from nightclubs?

Speaking to show hosts Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins, 22-year-old Scottish singer Tallia Storm said that older people should leave club nights to "us youngsters".

"I love that, the thought of seeing everybody live their best lives I’m here for it," she said. "But I’m 22-years-old, I’m only just coming into my prime. I do not want to walk into the club and see my dad, see my dad’s friends, or even my granddad cutting some shapes.

"And I'm just not sure what we have in common. You know, do they like Tion Wayne? Do they like Central Cee? I'm not sure if they'd even be able to relate to, you know, Top Hits UK right now. (continued below)

"So I think [I'm] all up for cutting some shapes but I think the £5 entry fee, the £2 shots, they can be left to us youngsters and you guys have many more options to head to."

Later in the interview, Storm suggests that there should be a "separate place" for the older crowd to "cut some shapes".

"Speaking from my own experience, the 50 year olds and 60 year olds, they're not there to dance," she added. "From my own experience, it's kind of cringey, it's kind of creepy, they're judging, they're staring at me and I just want to have some fun."

Speaking on the show, DJ Tony Blackburn, 78, said that while he understands why Storm wouldn't want to see her dad in the nightclub, the notion of banning over-40s was "obviously ridiculous" and Michael Gove was just "having fun".

"If you took this to extreme and ban people over the age of 40 from being in a club, how about those people in Ibiza, all the DJs there, they’re all over 40," he said. "Would you stop them performing? It’s ridiculous.

"I was 60 when I first went to Ibiza and when I’d done my set I went to a club that played trance music and I loved it. I don’t see why it should be that you’re over 40 and you can’t go to a club, it’s obviously ridiculous."

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