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Monday 03, August

The Full Moon awakens your inner core today, Scorpio. This lunation speaks to your house of home, family and ancestry. It's especially good for probing into any issues that have come up on your domestic scene during the last six months. If your relationship with your closest loved ones has been strained, you can release and clear that karma now.

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Sunday 02, August

With Uranus and the Sun in a square formation the day before a Full Moon, everything feels more intense than usual, Scorpio. You might be a bit more likely to snap at someone and release one of your stingers, but it's probably only because you're feeling vulnerable. This too shall pass, and just in a few days.

Saturday 01, August

August begins on a supremely intense note as your ruler Pluto opposes Mercury, still in the sign it was in during last month's retrograde. This is a reminder of what you survived in June and July with a bit of a warning about what you may still be clinging to. If your worldview still needs to shift, you may get messages about it this weekend.

Friday 31, July

Communication is the big theme of the day. Get back to all of your writing projects and other pending correspondence while you have the focus and discipline. Don't put it off for the entire weekend, or you'll likely regret losing this opportunity to finally have the talk or write the letter. Strike while you're hot, Scorpio.

Thursday 30, July

There is major power in the cosmos backing your work and finaces, compliments of the Moon and Mars working together to get the ball rolling. You are a true force to be reckoned with at the moment and can accomplish so much. Don't underestimate the power of momentum and determination.

Wednesday 29, July

The Moon lights up your house of finances today, making a wonderful and prosperous alignment with the Sun in your career zone. This brings excellent moneymaking potential, providing you with all of the power and lucrative opportunities you could ever desire. The only problem is knowing where to start and how not to get overwhelmed.

Tuesday 28, July

The Moon lights up your passionate stars today, Scorpio. Yep, you're totally in your element and can pour your energy into what you adore the most. No apologies. You can be as passionate and committed to your cause as you wish. It's what others love and admire most about you. Show them how it's done.

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