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Sunday 31, May

With the Moon in Libra for the next few days, your dream zone is extremely active. With a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse coming up later this week, your psyche is rife with important messages about what you need to let go of and what you might still want to try and manifest. Write down your dreams when you wake up, Scorpio.

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Saturday 30, May

The Moon is in Virgo again today, but Venus and Neptune are in hard angles to this lunar energy. This brings some romance, but also a lot of confusion. Your friendships could be a bit murky, so don't be too alarmed if someone says something you don't like - it'll make a lot more sense in a few days.

Friday 29, May

The Moon moves into Virgo today, setting up camp in your social zone through the weekend. If you've become disenchanted with Zoom Happy Hours and the banality of texting with your friends about gossip, this is the perfect moment to reconnect at the deeper level, Scorpio. Who are your truest friends, the best of your besties?

Thursday 28, May

Mercury, the communication planet, moves from Gemini to Cancer today. This talkative planet will spend an extra-long time in your sister water sign thanks to an upcoming retrograde, and this might have you a bit obsessed with mind-expansion over the next few months. Prepare to be a full-time scholar.

Wednesday 27, May

Your career zone is on total fire over the next few days, Scorpio. This is fantastic news given the serious pause everything has been on during the last few months. Lean all the way into this delicious cosmic boost to all your professional endeavors, even if you're starting from scratch again.

Tuesday 26, May

Mercury and Jupiter are in a slight row today and it's bringing some simmering conflict to the surface, Scorpio. You might feel this most in your financial arena, resulting in frustrations with what you're earning and the inability to get paid for something you've worked on recently.

Monday 25, May

The Moon is Cancer, your sister water sign, as the new week starts off. Are you feeling super emotional and a bit mushy, Scorpio? If so, you're just tuning into the stars deeply. Let yourself feel every feeling instead of blocking it off or putting up walls. The more you look within, the more you expand your reach.

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