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Monday 18, November

Your career is looking beautiful and bold at the moment, Scorpio. The Moon is shining brightly at the very top of your chart and reminding you how well you do when you take the commanding role in the spotlight. No more hiding. You are a superstar and it's time to own that without limitation.

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Sunday 17, November

The Moon is in your sister sign for a few more hours today, so indulge in the deep and transformative vibes, Scorpio. This is perfect for your Sunday morning and early afternoon - it can expand your mind and heighten your consciousness. This also makes you want to explore and reinvent yourself.

Saturday 16, November

The Moon is in Cancer, your sister water sign, filling you up with the emotional security and clarity you need. Yes, it may feel pretty intense today, but you like it like that, Scorpio. You'll thrive while others flail because you're totally in your own element at the moment.

Friday 15, November

The Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer today, taking you on a bit of an emotional journey along the way. Early in the day, you're likely to be laser-focused on intimacy and relationship work. By evening you'll be ready to go on a little jaunt - grab some adventure this weekend.

Thursday 14, November

Venus is squaring off with Neptune today, and that can bring a whole lotta confusion to your love life. The planet of magic and mysticism is in your house of pleasure and romantic experiences. This might feel truly wonderful - it's just that it's not likely to last for very long, Scorpio.

Wednesday 13, November

With Mercury Retrograde still going strong (too strong) in your own sign, you may ask yourself if you even want to leave the house. The communication planet continues his backward tour through Scorpio and today Saturn and Neptune join the chaotic party. Don't believe everything you hear, even if it sounds totally awesome.

Tuesday 12, November

With the Full Moon in Taurus today, your relationships are totally next level, Scorpio. You just have to be extra careful not to blow anything up, because drama can erupt out of nowhere. Mercury Retrograde continues to move through your sign, so be cautious, tender, and loving.

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