Scientists Build Indestructible Earth Black Box To Record Climate Change And Civilisation

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Earth’s Black Box/Cover Images

A team of Australian artists, researchers and scientists have unveiled plans to build Earth's Black Box, a device that intends to record every step that humanity takes towards - or away from - the impending climate catastrophe.

Inspired by an aeroplane's flight recorder, Earth's Black Box will function as an indestructible storage device that will record an array of data called 'Earth's 500' - a set of 500 metrics that relate to the planet's and humanity's health.

It will incorporate principles such as the Planetary Boundaries, in addition to contextual data such as transcripts from major political speeches and global news headlines - with that data secured safely for future generations.

Announced to tie in with COP26, the first recordings that will go into the box will be the discussions, promises and commitments made by global leaders at the conference, kicking off the collection and collation of data that will be housed in the structure.

Earth's Black Box is due to be built in a remote corner of the west coast of Tasmania in 2022, an area chosen for its geographical and political stability. The structure itself will be a specially-designed reinforced steel build, designed to be resilient to every possible natural threat including cyclone, earthquake, fire, flood or attack.

The creators of Earth's Black Box said, "The human race is edging closer to causing its own demise. Unless we dramatically transform our way of life in the coming decade, climate change will cause our planet to become unlivable.'

"The intent of Earth's Black Box is to record every step we take in dealing with this crisis, so that if the worst possible outcome does happen, we can provide an unbiased record of the events that led to the demise of the planet. Ultimately, the box will contain the story, and knowingly keep us all accountable of how humanity tackled - or potentially failed against - its greatest challenge yet."

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