These Schitt's Creek "You Get Murdered First" Mugs Are For Anyone Who Has Ever Had This Argument

Schitt's Creek "You Get Murdered First" Mug Set

Schitt's Creek "You Get Murdered First" Mug Set

Perfect for you and a loved one, the Schitt's Creek "You Get Murdered First" Mug Set ($32) makes us laugh every time.

Ashley Broadwater

If you're a fan of Schitt's Creek, then you definitely remember the iconic moment in the show's pilot episode where siblings Alexis and David Rose argue over which bed they're going to take in their Rosebud Motel room. Alexis takes the bed farthest from the door, but David says he wants that bed, explaining that if a murderer broke in, they would kill the person in the closest bed first. True to sibling fashion, the two continue to fight over why they deserve the farthest bed. After David moves Alexis's suitcase onto the closest bed, Alexis says, "You know what, David? You get murdered first for once." David replies, "No, you get murdered first." And in that, one of the most relatable fights that siblings (which bed) and couples (which side of the bed) have was made into a hilarious and quotable TV line.

And now, thanks to Etsy, you can pay homage to that scene whenever you have your morning coffee with these Schitt's Creek Mugs - Set of 2 ($32). The mugs feature the bickering lines David and Alexis throw at each other over the beds and, depending on which side you won the night before, can change up who gets to use each one to start their day. Keep reading to shop the mugs now, and if you're not a morning person, may we suggest these wine glasses instead?


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