Schiaparelli is skipping couture fashion week in favour of an LA presentation this December

Amy de Klerk
Photo credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

Schiaparelli is the latest fashion house to announce its scheduling plans for the coming year. The French label – which sits on the couture schedule – has revealed that it will not be showing a new collection during the digital couture fashion week this month, but will instead be releasing a short film, will host a couture presentation in Los Angeles this December and an intimate ready-to-wear show in Paris this September.

As with many fashion houses, Schiaparelli was forced to shut its doors during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning that it was not able to fulfil orders for its clients and put together a new collection in time.

However, the brand will not be skipping couture fashion week altogether, but will be releasing a short film on Monday which shows creative director Daniel Roseberry sketching in New York during the lockdown. The next couture collection will then be unveiled in December during a show in Los Angeles – and it hopes to be back on the usual Paris couture schedule by January 2021.

"We were unable to honour the deliveries of haute couture orders scheduled during this period, but none of our clients have cancelled their orders," Delphine Bellini told WWD. "On the contrary, they not only expressed their support for the house, but they were also sensitive to the fact that we offered them special creations. We are therefore not worried for our haute couture activities these coming months. I think this period has reinforced our relationship with our customers."

With this announcement, the fashion house also revealed some other exciting news – it will be launching e-c0mmerce for the very first time. Schiaparelli will take its high-end boutique online for its clients, who will have an individual code offering limited-edition, customisable and one-off products, as well as personalised content and services.

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