What is the Scandinavian sleep method?

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As scientists have proved time and again, a night of peaceful sleep is really important for all human beings to function at full capacity.

In fact, according to a study by Front Psychiatry, sleeping in the same bed as your partner can especially stabilise REM sleep and sleep-stage synchronisation. However, couples who sleep together do not always sleep better.

Due to a plethora of factors such as unintentional duvet snatching, movement, and disproportional postures, a person’s sleep cycle can be interrupted by their partner, causing a range of health issues.

One strategy that couples can try in order to ignore the above issues is the Scandinavian sleep method.

Here’s what we know.

What is the Scandinavian sleep method?

In the most simple terms, the Scandinavian sleep method is the practice of using two separate duvets or blankets instead of one queen or king-size one.

This technique not only prevents a couple from playing tug-of-war in their sleep but also saves the doubt of leaving one person out in the cold.

What are the benefits of this method?

Following are the benefits of this method:

- No more fights over covers.

- Partners with different temperature preferences can choose the size, weight, and material of their duvet.

- It promotes personal space in a way where it doesn’t feel as if you’re too far or too close to your partner.

What are the downsides of this method?

While scientifically there’s no downside to this sleep method, some people think that it draws back intimacy between two people.

Another thing that could be an issue is the expense of having to buy two blankets instead of one.

Is it really a cure for a good night’s sleep?

While the Scandinavian sleep method tackles a big issue that many people have, it’s not a cure-all. It won’t be of help if couples have other issues like unusual snoring habits or sleepwalking syndrome.