Saweetie as Miss Edward "Manicurehands" Is 1000% On Brand

As Saweetie an aficionado of the nail game, her Halloween costume as Miss Edward Scissorhands is quite befitting.

The rapper took to Instagram with a short video accompanied by the caption, "Are these long enough for u?" The star is rocking a stunning leather two-piece set that perfectly accentuates her curves, completed with eye-catching platform boots that add an extra touch of edginess to her overall look. What sets this video apart is not just Saweetie's costume choice but also the attention to detail in the production. The backdrop of the video features a clean white background, allowing Saweetie's costume to truly stand out, paired with the minimalistic setting enhances the visual impact, making it impossible to take your eyes off her.

But it doesn't stop there. Saweetie goes above and beyond to showcase her creativity and playful side. In addition to striking poses, she engages in activities like cutting hedges, adding a touch of unexpected fun to the video. And let's not forget about her Scissorhands-inspired "manicurehands," which she playfully waddles around with. It's these little details that make her Halloween costume truly tea.

Created by manicurist Temeka Jackson her XXXL nails were curated to look like knives and scissors. As we know her for having exceptionally long claws, this look for Halloween was nothing for her to handle. For the beat, makeup artist Kenya Alexis painted the rapper in the palest shade of white, mimicking Edward's skin hue from the film, along with the exact black makeup — complete with sculpted cheeks and dark shadows of contour.

The girls are showing out this szn for Halloweekend. We're staying tuned to see what else the "Icy Girl" has in store for the masses.