Saweetie always applies perfume to her ankles

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Saweetie always makes a point of spritzing on a little perfume to her ankles before stepping out.

The rapper, real name Diamonté Harper, was recently tapped to front the campaign for nail polish brand SinfulColor's new Essenchills collection, with the line featuring lacquers infused with scents.

Speaking about her love of fragrance in an interview for The Cut, Saweetie revealed she is very particular about her choice and application of perfume.

"I prefer my perfumes to be oil-based. I was told by someone at (department store) Neiman's to apply your perfume on your ankles, because perfume rises," she shared with the publication. "I put it everywhere, but my friends always laugh at me when they catch me putting it on my ankles."

Saweetie went on to note that she has been wearing SinfulColor's Coffee Drip shade, as she loves the rich brown colour and latte-inspired scent.

"I just love the smell of coffee; it reminds me of a good, busy morning, and I have a lot of those," the 27-year-old said, before adding that she no longer can handle straight espresso shots. "I think we need things to get us up and going in the morning and coffee is something I really love. I used to drink it straight like the mafiosos, but I crashed one day, and I was like, 'You know what, I need to take my time with it.' So now I love it with a good hazelnut and French vanilla creamer."

Elsewhere in the chat, Saweetie listed the smell of strawberry cupcakes and her grandmother's breakfast cooking as some of her favourite scent memories, while she revealed that her bedroom typically tends to have a floral perfume.

"I have a humidifier right next to my bed and I'll put in lavender drops in there," she added.