I saw a 'Transformation Coach' for a month and it changed everything

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Modern life, especially for women, is a juggling act. Balancing career aspirations, family responsibilities, social expectations, and personal well-being can be overwhelming.

The constant push to excel in every area leads to inevitable burnout and fatigue. Many of us feel we must be everything to everyone, often neglecting our own needs in the process. This relentless pace can result in chronic stress, health issues, and a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction.

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In today's self-care era, where manifesting seems to dominate the zeitgeist, Life Coaching has unsurprisingly gained unprecedented popularity. During a casual scroll through Instagram, I stumbled upon a concept I hadn’t heard about that intrigued me: Transformational Coaching.

While life coaches help clients set and achieve specific goals to create a balanced and fulfilling life, Transformational Coaching delves deeper. It aims to make profound and lasting changes across various life domains, including health, career, relationships, finances, and emotional well-being. Transformational coaches encourage individuals to recognise existing patterns of resistance and work towards personal growth.

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I've felt fulfilled at work for a few years, but other areas of my life seemed to be lacking and I needed a major change. After some research, I discovered an online transformational programme called 'From Dusk Till Dawn' (*scroll on for an exclusive reader discount) hosted by International Transformation Coach and Psychotherapist Emmy Brunner.

According to the program when the mindset changes, the universe delivers
According to the programme when the mindset changes, the universe delivers (lambada)

My journey began with a one-hour session with Emmy where I realised I was exhausted and neglecting my self-care, despite thinking I was doing everything I could to optimise my life things felt stagnant and I was annoyed at myself. She explains, "So much of the time we end up getting stuck. We're really clear on wanting to move forward. We're ambitious about the vision that we have for our lives."

"But we feel really unclear about how to get there because we get caught up in self-sabotage, a lack of confidence, and a persistent, negative internal narrative that makes it really difficult for us to elevate to our full potential."

The four-week online course focuses on mindset transformation through 45-minute to one-hour sessions conducted over Zoom. Initially, I was concerned about fitting this into my 9-5, but the flexibility of the recorded sessions I could watch in my own time convinced me to commit to a path of self-improvement.

"What transformation coaching, and specifically 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' does is highlight these issues, helps you recognise where you're getting in your own way, and provides the tools to shift your mindset. This enables you to work towards your ambitions with confidence and purpose, ultimately changing everything."

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The first week felt ridiculous. I was told to dance around my room to music over a Zoom call to raise my energy. Despite initial scepticism, I stuck with it. Over four weeks, I experienced a significant change. I learned that my downfalls and missteps weren't due to ‘bad luck’ but rather the result of my own decisions. This realisation was actually empowering rather than as depressing as it sounds, it made me feel in control of my life and the next steps rather than a victim of circumstance. "Transformation Coaching empowers women to take responsibility for the lives that they're living. We're stepping out of a place where we're simply reacting to life or feeling as if our lives are happening to us without control," Emmy explains.

I shifted something internally, becoming unstuck for the first time. I started taking vitamins, listening to uplifting music in the morning, and prioritising myself. The results were surprising—I felt better, was kinder to strangers, and much happier. My outlook improved in ways I hadn't thought possible.

"This is about recognising that you are creating the life you are living through your decisions and relationships. When we become conscious of that creation, we can act with real intention, setting clear goals and ambitions, and knowing exactly what we need to do to achieve them," she explains.

I realised I had never been kind to myself, often feeling inadequate. Emmy emphasised, "One of the things I try to instil in our clients is that you are going to be motivated and thrive through kindness and compassion."

"So many of us scrutinise our choices, behaviours, and how we show up in our lives, thinking we’ll improve by being critical. But the opposite is true. When we have compassion for ourselves and celebrate our skills and gifts, we truly thrive. This self-nurturing guarantees a greater level of success," she tells me.

Women particularly struggle with fear of failure, preventing them from reaching their full potential. "We often play it safe to avoid vulnerability and failure, which keeps us small," Emmy notes. Recognising and overcoming these limiting beliefs is crucial for personal growth.

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Through Transformation Coaching, many women seek clarity on their next steps. They may have established themselves in a career but feel uncertain about the future. Emmy explains, "Part of our work is to set achievable goals with actionable steps, creating a bridge from where they are now to where they want to be."

My health, mindset, and personal life has improved dramatically. I’m not alone in this transformation. "We’ve seen women quit their jobs, start new businesses, secure significant financial deals, and get engaged. Huge leaps happen in just four weeks because, when the mindset changes, the universe delivers," Emmy shares.

*Because I’m no gatekeeper, I asked Emmy if she could offer something special for H Fashion readers. Whether you’re feeling stuck at work, in life, or relationships, here’s 10% off the Dusk Till Dawn programme. Take the first step towards your own transformation.