Save The Pooches: Families Devastated As Village Bans Rottweilers And Pit Bulls

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Save The Pooches: Families Devastated As Village Bans Rottweilers And Pit Bulls

A village in the United States has banned the ownership of two dog breeds that it deems to be particularly dangerous.

Moreauville, in Louisiana, has declared that anyone with a pit bull or a Rottweiler needs to get rid of it (presumably by re-homing) before December 1 or they risk having the dog impounded and potentially put down.

Save Zeus the pit bull! [Saving Zeus / Facebook]

One family in Moreauville were particularly upset when they received a letter explaining that they needed to "remove" their pet pit bull Zeus or they faced having him "transported to a veterinary clinic for further disposition."

We're not sure what "further disposition" means, but we can all assume...

The Owens family are not letting this happen without a fight though!

Their pet Zeus is clearly a beloved member of the household and a treasured companion to their daughter O'Hara, who is disabled.

Zeus is something of a therapy dog for O'Hara. [Saving Zeus / Facebook]

The village in Louisiana has instated the ban after a succession of complaints from residents about not being able to take a walk in certain areas, due to the worryng number of dogs running around loose.

The village alderman Penn Lemoine explained that there "have been dog attacks", though many of them have gone undocumented.

Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are among a number of dog breeds that have a bad reputation.

The American CDC (centre for disease control and prevention) published a study that looked into fatal dog attacks on humans spanning nearly 20 years and found that Rottweilers and pit bull breeds were responsible for well over half of them.

This does go to show that without proper rearing and training, these dogs can pose a risk.

However, there is also a lot of evidence to show that with the right care, these dog breeds can be brilliant, loving and loyal family pets.

According to the FCI (fédérations cynologique internationale) - the largest canine organisation in the world - the Rottweiler, for example, is largely placid, good-natured and devoted.

Zeus is clearly a beloved member of the family. [Saving Zeus / Facebook]

The UKC (united kennel club) calls the pit bull terrier "eager to please", "brimming with enthusiasm" and with a recognisable "love for children."

It makes no real sense, therefore, that the village would aim to dispose of all dogs of these breeds without any examination of their temperament or their level of training.

The Owens family have launched an appeal, hoping to generate enough support that they will get to keep their beloved Zeus, despite this new rule.

This dog is clearly not a danger around children! [Saving Zeus / Facebook]

You can visit the family's Facebook page "Saving Zeus" HERE and there is also a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #SaveZeus.

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What do you think of Moreauville's new rule? Should the village be allowed to impose this sort of ban? Let us know in the comments!