Save Our Summer: What you need to know about the BBC's new Saturday night entertainment show

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With many television productions halted and live sporting events like the Olympics postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the power of entertaining TV has never been more important.

While TV schedules have undeniably changed as a result of social distancing measures, there are some new programmes being broadcast to keep the nation feeling upbeat.

One such programme, Save Our Summer, comes from BBC One and has been described as a "jam-packed live entertainment show" hosted by Peter Crouch, Maya Jama and Alex Horne. Here's what you need to know about it.

Save Our Summer: What's it about?

The show is BBC One’s brand new jam-packed live entertainment show for summer 2020.

"The series is set to be a one-stop shop of summery entertainment led by former professional footballer and national hero Peter Crouch along with multi-talented TV and BBC Radio 1 presenter Maya Jama and comedy supremo Alex Horne and his band the Horne Section broadcasting live from his studio hub, intent on giving the ensconced British public a little bit of all the big summer events that have been taken away," the BBC said.

"Using the full scope of communication technology and the hosts showbiz-heavy phonebook, Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer will take advantage of everyone being stuck at home to remotely bring audiences live music, replacement sports action, exclusive comedy, celebrity guests, interactive audience fun and VT adventures from all over the country - and beyond.

"An entertainment show like no other for a time like no other, the series picks up where the cancelled festivals, tournaments and gatherings left off and takes a running jump into the night. So sit back with Peter, Maya, Alex and his band plus a host of other special guests and get ready to party for a summer like no other. Besides, who needs a studio audience, anyway?"

Ahead of the show's opening episode, the BBC's Entertainment Controller, Kate Phillips, spoke about the show's studio format and how needed that is in the current climate, where lots of TV is based on video call interviews and smart phone self-shooting.

"It's really good to be in a studio - this is not a zoom show, neither is it a big shiny, entertainment, huge show. It's a very funny and very entertaining series helped by a very clever set which provides a background for knockabout fun so everyone can enjoy the sport, comedy and entertainment and music they’ve been missing from the comfort of their own homes. Social distancing is very much in place and they have those two metre Peters [cardboard Peter Crouch cutouts) which helps enormously."

When asked what makes the show so different from anything else on TV, Maya Jama said:

"I haven't seen a show like this on TV. It's basically, in my mind, like a festival of music, entertainment, sport and comedy in a show with a footballer, a comedian and a presenter. It's very random. I don't think you'd see us walking down the street together on a normal one, but we've come together to make this entertainment show that you've never seen before. There's something for everyone in your front room to enjoy. It's a blessing in disguise that the Euros got cancelled because this wouldn't have come up otherwise.”

Alex Horne added: "It makes sense when you see it, for some reason. It's all the entertaining things in one place. And because we're trying to be brave during lockdown and doing it in a studio with social distancing, it doesn't look that weird because we're so used to speaking to each other over the fence. The guests are amazing. I'm not sure why this sort of thing hasn't been on before, if I'm honest.”

Save Our Summer: When's it on TV?

The show begins airing on Saturday 6 June at 9.15 on BBC One.

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