This Satisfying Video Shows You How To Easily Chop An Onion

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish onions is a pain, let鈥檚 be honest. They鈥檙e all slippery, they make you cry, and they鈥檙e always rolling about and eventually tumbling to the ground. But, goddamn it, are onions delicious. Onion bhajis, French onion soup, onion gravy, and just caramelised onions in general are super-tasty.

So, hate it as much as we do, we still need to chop onions on a regular basis. But what if we were to tell you how to cut onions in the easiest way possible? You鈥檇 probably be into that, wouldn鈥檛 you?

Thanks to this super-simple, easy-to-follow video from @PoppyCooks on Instagram, never will you struggle to chop onions again. And remember, the quicker you can cut onions, the less likely it is that your eyes will stream.

In the video, in which the professional chef says chopping onions is one of the first things you learn when becoming a chef, Poppy starts by cutting the top off her onion and peeling the skin off. Poppy recommends chopping it horizontally first, in order to maintain a straighter cut. Smart.

She keeps the root of the onion intact as she slices three or four times, then cuts it six times vertically; but again, she makes sure to keep the root intact, before beginning to chop. She uses her knuckle as a protector as she cuts toward the root. Et voila: perfectly cubed chunks of onion!

This is, by far, the easiest way to chop an onion, so thank you, Poppy!

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