SATC fans notice unexplained plot hole in the latest episode of And Just Like That

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Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images

Sex And The City revival And Just Like That hit screens earlier this month, and it truly was the reunion we'd all been hoping for.

Despite some minor off-screen drama involving absent cast member Kim Cattrall, fans have (naturally) become obsessed with the new series - and eagle-eyed viewers have now spotted a very specific plot hole in the latest episode.

And Just Like That features multiple references back to the original Sex And The City, with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte once again living it up in New York City. However, one OG SATC reference that you might have missed comes in the form of Carrie's purple sequin Fendi baguette back, which she's seen holding in episode three of And Just Like That.

While the bag looks undeniably fabulous, fans have pointed out that its appearance actually signifies an unexplained plot hole.

Cast your mind back to the original Sex And The City, and you'll remember that Carrie actually had her purple Fendi bag stolen by a mugger in an episode titled 'What Goes Around Comes Around' (S3 E17). The scene saw the thief ask Carrie for her bag, giving way to Carrie's hilarious response: "Actually, it’s a baguette."

So, given the fact that the bag was robbed years ago, fans have been slightly baffled by its return.

One viewer tweeted, "Glad to see the stolen purple Fendi baguette was retrieved, Carrie! 😭🤣 #AndJustLikeThat," while another joked, "And Just Like That… Carrie got her Fendi back".

Another added, "Carrie going back to her old apartment with the Fendi baguette that was stolen. I'm cry."

While the reappearance of Carrie's bag isn't properly explained in And Just Like That, it seems as though fans are happy to see its return regardless.

Plus, it turns out the bag is now having a resurgence off-screen too, as Fendi have re-released it for the grand total of $4,300 (£3,230). Ouch.

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