SAS finalist Danielle Lloyd: 'I would rather give birth 5 more times than do this' (exclusive)

Female finalists compare childbirth and Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins

SAS finalist Danielle Lloyd talking to Foxy before making the Ravine Drop (Channel 4)
SAS finalist Danielle Lloyd talking to Foxy before making the Ravine Drop (Channel 4)

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins finalist Danielle Lloyd told Yahoo: "I actually said to Foxy, 'I would rather give birth five more times than do this.'"

The glamour model, 39, already has five children - Archie, 13, Harry, 12, George, 10, Ronnie, six, and Autumn, 22 months - but she had no qualms admitting she would go through childbirth five times all over again instead doing some of the tasks on the show.

Lloyd opened up about her candid conversation with former UK Special Forces soldier Jason "Foxy" Fox about giving birth ahead of doing the Ravine drop.

She said: "I actually said to Foxy when we were doing that wire one where we had to drop. I was like, 'I would rather give birth five more times than do this.' And he was like, 'Oh you’re f***ing crazy then!'

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SAS expert Foxy wears black shirt as he stands at Ravine drop on SAS
SAS expert Foxy was always on hand to offer support to the recruits (Channel 4)

"He was like, 'Just remember to look at the view.' He said, 'Just think about it like next week or whenever it is, you’re gonna be back with your kids and they’re gonna be screaming at you and you’re gonna wish you were back here.'

"I was like, ‘Yeah I don’t know about that’ but there were moments when I was like, I would rather have another baby."

The mum had made no secret of her fear of heights on the show so she found that task particularly daunting.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins has always been a tough process.

But Lloyd knew it would take a lot to break her on the show, having been through five childbirths.

SAS finalist Perri Shakes-Drayton pictured doing the Ravine drop (Channel 4)
SAS finalist Perri Shakes-Drayton pictured doing the Ravine drop (Channel 4)

However hard the show got, athlete and fellow finalist Perri Shakes-Drayton - who welcomed her son in 2020 - didn’t have the same feelings about childbirth as Lloyd.

"See my experience of giving birth," she said. "Sorry I have no rush to do that again. That’s what I mean. Danielle, this woman, she gave me that encouragement.

"You can’t complain. This woman has been through like five kids and whatnot. She hasn’t trained the way I have either. Danielle was keeping me on my toes."

After the filming for the show finished, Lloyd revealed her delight to return to her role of being a mum.

Plus now, the reality TV bombshell revealed her five children think she is "superwoman" for her amazing achievements on SAS.

"I was just happy to go back to being a mum to be honest," she said. "Before I went on SAS, I purposely moved myself away from being in like the public eye. Spending my time being a mum, taking them to football doing stuff solely for them.

"And it was probably one of the reasons that I went on SAS because you can get lost in being a mum sometimes and you're forgotten about because you're too busy being a mum.

"So the whole reason that I wanted to do the show was to do something for myself really and find myself again and do something positive for myself.

"I think getting back to being a mum again, that was all that I really wanted to do and just be happy. And the only difference is my kids now think I'm superwoman."

The former Miss England and Miss Great Britain admitted even her children were surprised that she had the grit and determination to make it all the way to the final.

Speaking about the reaction she's had, she said: "I've had so many people coming up to me in the street and messaging me and even people that I know because I didn't tell anyone how well I did.

"I let them all just watch the show and see. So they're all really shocked, like, even my kids, they're like, 'Mum, are you still in it? I watched last night, you did amazing, well done!'

"I've definitely surprised people because I'm not fit at all."

The process was pretty gruelling for all of the SAS recruits, pushing them to breaking point and at times making them feel dehumanised.

While some of the stars quit the process, Lloyd and Shakes-Drayton both made it to the final episode - but that didn't mean they didn't have moments where they struggled.

SAS star Shakes-Drayton and Lloyd doing Pontoon Wrestling
SAS star Shakes-Drayton and Lloyd doing Pontoon Wrestling (Channel 4)

Shakes-Drayton documented the hardships she faced on the show.

She said: "The fact that I asked permission to go to the toilet, that was one I was given what a jam sandwich that was like was so dry, but I look forward to that like basic food... It was tough.

"Don't get me wrong and my way of coping was just not say nothing and crack on but interrogation. Interrogation was next level."

Lloyd also shared the basic struggles that the stars faced when it come to using the toilet.

Of feeling dehumanised, she said: "What about the fact that we couldn't go to the toilet for about five days? We would have conversations at the beginning like the girls because the toilets were all open.

"So when you go to the bathroom, like everyone can see. It was like having like potty fear like nobody wanted to go for a poo first and then literally by the fifth day, I was like, 'Oh my God, like something's gotta give I need to go the toilet' and once it happened no one gave a s*** by that time."

Lloyd and Shakes-Drayton join Matt Hancock, Teddy Soares and Gareth Gates in the final episode

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins final airs on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4

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