SAS: Who Dares Wins stars address racism in powerful mirror room interview

One SAS: Who Dares Wins recruit shares how the group's judgment of her brought up lifelong experiences of racism as Remi Adeleke offered his own words of advice.

Video transcript

- Would you say that your social anxiety has really affected your life?

- Yes. In line with that as well, just growing up as a Black girl, I used to get just stereotyped as the angry Black girl. And I've just always been made bad, slapped with emotions.

So I just found it easier to not express myself, just gradually just be quiet and not react to things. Because whenever I react, it's like someone would tell me to calm down before I even said two words. The ugly Black girl was such, and just never having any confidence in myself.

REMI ADELEKE: Put your arm out. What do you see?

- The same color.

REMI ADELEKE: Same color. I go into stores sometimes and guess what? I still get looked at like I'm going to rob the store. Do I let that affect me?

Maybe in the moment, but at the end of the day, that's something that they have to deal with themselves. And the last thing I'm going to do is allow that to affect the rest of my day. Because when I do that, I've allowed racism to win. You understand that?

- Yeah, no, I really do.

REMI ADELEKE: Here, it's not about race. It's not about gender. It's about performance. And you have performed top notch.

We see an amazing person. I don't care what other people have said about you. All that [BLEEP] is a lie. And you need to refuse to believe the lie.

- Yeah

- What we need from you is to apply your physical strength, the mental grit, and the intelligence that you have, to apply it with more leadership and really step into your own light. It needs to happen.

- Yeah, no, I understand.

- Hold your head up high.

REMI ADELEKE: Now. Put your arms back. That's how I want you to be. Not just in this course, but for the rest of your damn life. Do you understand?


- Guard.