Sarah Palin opens up about divorce: 'I thought I got shot'

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin opened up about her husband, Todd, filing for divorce in June and revealed she had learned he was seeking a divorce through an email.

On Tuesday, Palin spoke out publicly regarding her marital issues in an interview with Dr. James Dobson, founder of the Family Talk Christian ministry, on a broadcast of Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk.

According to Palin, she received an email on June 19 from an attorney hired by her husband, three months before he filed for divorce on his birthday on September 6.

"I found out from an email from an attorney... I’ll never forget it. Then on Todd’s birthday, a week after our 31st anniversary, was when he filed. It’s not easy to talk about, but it's not over yet," Palin said.

"It was devastating, I thought I got shot," Palin continued. "Maybe except for the death of a child, I don’t know what could be more [painful.]"

But the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee says that their relationship is not over yet.

"We’re going through counseling, so it’s not over, over. The attorneys are getting rich off of us," Palin told Dobson. "God doesn’t want families to split up, I know that. To me, in a general sense, marriage is so extremely important as a foundation of our nation. It helps make America that much greater. I’m not to the point of wanting mine to be split."

Palin went on to discuss what her five children think of the divorce, stating, "My kids are cool, they don’t like it and that helps me... They're mad."

"They have been brought up with that teaching that you make a covenant with God... I’ve always preached that to my kids, too," Palin said. "Family sticks together through thick and thin because you made a vow to God. My kids witnessing what's happening, they don’t like it. It makes me feel good. I’m like, 'Good! I didn’t screw that part up anyway.'"

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