Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Showstopping In Naked Throwback

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Looks Amazing In Naked PhotoGetty Images

If you didn't already know, Sarah Michelle Gellar is back and better than ever, in a new Paramount+ show called Wolf Pack. And as well as celebrating by sharing a snap in a see-through bra and with a new wolf haircut, she also posted a half-naked throwback snap. Love to see it.

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor is executive producing and starring in the new series alongside Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, and so naturally, she's having a real moment. Fans on socials are already loving the show, as well as SMG's prominent position back in the limelight.

One particular Instagram post has caught fans' attention, in the shape of a throwback to an Esquire magazine shoot from all the way back in 2004. In it, Sarah's stood with peroxide blonde hair and red heels, wearing nothing but a giant red heart. Talk about romance!

'ValentinesSlay,' she wrote in the caption, referencing the fact it was recently Valentine's Day.

Fans were understandably obsessed with the picture. 'God damn!' one person commented, while another put, 'Iconic shoot. Invented love. Lives rent free.' Someone else said, 'And… the internet is broken 😍🔥🔥🔥' and 'Ummmm.......yes please 😍'

Other comments added: 'Forever crushing 🫡'and 'Bellissima 😍'

Did someone say slay? In Wolf Pack, Sarah plays Kristin Ramsey, an LAFD arson investigator who looks into a California wildfire which awakens a terrifying supernatural creature which goes on to terrorise Los Angeles. Into it.

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