Sarah Michelle Gellar ditches the shaggy wolf cut for a bob hair transformation

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, season 6, episode 11: a moment in time that'll forever be engrained in my memory – a cultural reset, if you will. And in case you have no idea what I'm referencing, this was when Buffy Summers [dramatically] cut her own hair... *war flashbacks*. IMO, it made TV history! This was the golden age, folks.

Now, while Buffy may be a character, Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays the fictional slayer is very much real and she's even managed to carry the short hair legacy into the 21st century. The actor recently took to her Instagram feed with a selfie, debuting a very on-trend bob and it comes not long after she got a shaggy wolf cut back in January. Two hair transformations within the space of a month? I think yes!

As tagged in the pic, Sarah reveals that Ryan Richman, celebrity hairstylist was the genius behind her cut that sits juuuuust above shoulder-length. As for the style, Ryan has opted for a soft preened wave that not only looks effortlessly chic, but it also shows that wavy, curly hair isn't just for the long lock girlies.

Sarah is one of many to follow in the footsteps of Hailey Bieber, who, just last month debuted a dramatic bob cut. After Hails then came Zendaya, Emma Stone and even Emily Ratajkowski, so, now with Sarah in on the trend, it seems the girl gang is only growing!

Who will be next to join this iconic group of women and their bobs? If not me, ofc.

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