Sarah Lancashire chats candidly about her menopause experience

sarah lancashire
Sarah Lancashire discusses the menopause Jeff Spicer - Getty Images

Sarah Lancashire, 58, has spoken candidly about her experience going through the menopause, revealing that she's having "the most terrible menopause."

The star's comments came after she scooped Best Drama Performance at the National Television Awards for her role in the hit BBC series, Happy Valley.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Sarah revealed that she experienced hot flushes during the ceremony and used two fans to keep cool.

She also discussed recently experiencing brain fog while shopping at Sainsbury's, where she found herself standing in an aisle, unable to remember what she was there for.

"It just comes over you all of a sudden," she said. "I think things are changing and they have needed to change for a very long time. Evolution is slow and we need to catch up."

sarah lancashire
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Sarah's candid discussion of her symptoms of the menopause comes as more women are opening up about the menopause, in an attempt to reduce stigma and increase awareness.

Fellow TV star, Davina McCall previously revealed at Good Housekeeping Live that although she now sees the menopause as her "second spring," she too had struggled with debilitating symptoms.

"My memory fog was so bad, I couldn't remember people's names. I was anxious and I cried at work," she told the audience. "A lot of the menopause is tied-up with shame, we feel like we just need to 'get on with it' but in actual fact I wasn't fine at all — I was knocked for six."

Here's to more of us opening up about the menopause.

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