Saoirse Ronan Wants to Star in a ‘Bridesmaids’-Esque Comedy

Saoirse Ronan is looking to have a laugh after starring in a slew of dramas.

The “Foe” actress, who had to turn down a cameo in “Barbie” with longtime collaborator Greta Gerwig due to scheduling conflicts, told Harper’s Bazaar UK that she is hoping to star in a comedy film next.

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“I would love to do something modern and funny,” Ronan said. “But to be able to do comedy well requires so much skill and musicality. I don’t necessarily think I have that yet, although as I’ve got older, I am more comfortable and confident to try.”

Ronan cited “Bridesmaids,” “Seinfeld,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as her all-time favorite comedies and inspirations for the type of humor she hopes to embody.

Ronan recalled leading the West End production of “Macbeth” as being her “most difficult” role to date. Ronan played Lady Macbeth and admitted it was “hard to find the light” during the duration of the production.

“It was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, professionally, because of the discipline that it required: getting on my bike at 5 o’clock night after night, in the dead of winter, to do a play that dark and at a time when the country was still in the throes of COVID,” Ronan said, “meaning we were all carrying a heaviness already. With ‘Macbeth,’ it did feel hard to find the light.”

The “Atonement” and “Lady Bird” star added that she decides on projects “based on emotion, how I respond to the character, how delicious I find the dialogue,” as well as the creative team attached.

“It’s become so important that we have a nice time, that it’s fun, and people work hard, but not to the extent it becomes toxic and overbearing,” Ronan said. “Some directors make the mistake of thinking that one size fits all And while, yes, you have to be a leader, actually for the best results, you have to bend towards your actors, adjust to them, and make them feel they can do anything.”

She said, “As an actor, if you’ve worked your way up and had quite a well-rounded experience, you’ll have played minor roles and played leads. You’ll have been treated really well, you’ll have been treated like shit. You’ll have been used, you’ll have been taken care of. I think there’s a real humility that comes with that.”

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