Is Santa a man? Piers Morgan left frustrated over Father Christmas gender debate

Chris Edwards
Piers Morgan left frustrated by Father Christmas gender debate

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was left frustrated on Wednesday (November 28) by a British town council that has taken a vote on whether Father Christmas should be referred to as a man.

In Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, Father Christmas has been replaced by Mrs Claus for a charity parade, after members of the town’s council highlighted the right of women to play Santa.

An exasperated Morgan read the story from a newspaper, saying: “Father Christmas, as his name suggests, is male. Father Christmas, for all of time, has been Father Christmas.

“He’s called Father Christmas!” he exclaimed before screwing up the paper. “The world’s gone nuts.”

Later in the episode, Morgan ironically pretended he was offended by people who assume Barbie is a woman, claiming that she might gender fluid and identify as a man.

“How do we even know that this is a girl, by the way?” he asked. “Is she identifying as a woman or not?  Or is she identifying as gender fluid? In which case, on this particular day, she might be identifying as a man.

“And actually, I’m offended on her/his behalf, that you may not have realised that Barbie is now identifying as a man. So actually, you’ve caused me great offence.”

This comes just a day after Morgan described gender fluidity as a ‘farce‘ during a debate about transgenderism.

Morgan was arguing with model and LGBTQ+ activist Munroe Bergdorf after a school claimed 76 of its children identify as transgender.

“Is it possible that they’ve all latched on to a fad that is getting more and more attention, and basically having their minds turned to gender fluidity?” he asked, struggling to believe that so many children in one school could genuinely be transgender.

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