Sandra Oh retrieves missing jewellery a day after calling police

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Sandra Oh reported the loss of $150,000 (£108,400) of jewellery to police officials - only to find it again.

The Killing Eve star couldn't locate a sizeable amount of jewellery after reportedly returning to her Los Angeles home following a few months of filming elsewhere, and called the cops.

There were no signs of forced entry at the house, but people had been in and out of the property while she was away, and Los Angeles Police Department detectives started investigating, TMZ reported.

However, Sandra called the police back the following day to report that she had retrieved the items. It is not clear if the missing items were returned to her, or if she just found them again.

Meanwhile, the actress has vocally deplored the recent wave of hate crimes against Asian-Americans in the U.S.

Joining protesters at the Stop Asian Hate Rally, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in March, Oh spoke up about the violent trend.

"Many in our community are very scared," she told the crowd.

"To everyone here... I will challenge everyone here, if you see something, will you help me? If you see one of our sisters and brothers in need, will you help us?" she implored, urging: "We must understand, as Asian-Americans, we just need to reach out our hand to our sisters and brothers and say, 'Help me and I'm here," she went on, before leading a chant of: "I am proud to be Asian! I belong here!"