Sandra Oh combats anti-Asian racism through her work

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Sandra Oh is keen to "zero in on racism and violence against Asian Americans" through her work.

The Killing Eve star spoke to the Los Angeles Times' Asian Enough podcast about what she hopes to achieve through her acting roles, especially amid the rising cases of violence towards the Asian community - particularly in the U.S.

"Zeroing in (on) the particular lens of racism and violence against Asian Americans, the way I really try and work to address that is profoundly through my work," she explained. "The deeper I can go to unlock certain things within ourselves, myself, in our community — and then to show myself or our community in places of normalisation and also places where the characters are full-fleshed characters — that’s how in my job, which is to come into culture, come into storytelling, come into view, that’s where I aim my work."

Among Sandra's upcoming projects are horror movie Umma and Netflix's The Chair, the latter of which the screen star was thrilled to discover featured her character with a Korean name.

"What excites me about that and what excites me to continue working that way is, I don’t want to worry about people who might not understand about my experience," she added. "I am only concerned with people who are interested in this experience. There are enough Marvel movies out there. I’m trying to do something different here...

"I’m interested in these other layers. It’s taken a while to then move on from something like Grey’s (Anatomy) and Cristina (Yang, her character on Grey's Anatomy), which is in a specific world, in a specific tone, a specific style, but this is what I’m interested in now, a multilevel place where culture and language is always flowing through us."

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