Sandra Bullock

Sanda Bullock may be one of the biggest Hollywood stars but she has gone out of her way to be kind to others, it has now come to light.

Even when the camera stopped rolling on the movie set, it emerged this year that the actress is "really sweet" and "really kind".

Filming Ocean's 8, Richard Armitage revealed he was struck by Sandra's kindness to him as she took him under her wings.

Not only did she offer him support on the set of Ocean's 8 but made him feel very welcomed.

He told HELLO!: "You know who was really, really kind to me was Sandra Bullock. I went to work on Ocean's 8 and I kind of came into the story at the very last minute.

"She was so sweet to me. She gave me her phone number and her email - aside from the work things - she just kind of looked after me on set and introduced me to her kids.

"I was really surprised because sometimes people just pass you and say, 'Hi,' and you go to work and then it's all over. But she was really sweet. She's one of the good ones."

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