Sand artist creates incredible portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on British beach

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Soul2Sand/Cover Images

A sand artist has unveiled an incredible portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on a British beach in a unique tribute to the late sovereign.

Claire Eason created a sand art image of Her Majesty’s stamp profile on Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

However, she has now published a final image of the approaching tide as a “goodbye” to the monarch following her death aged 96 on 8 September after 70 years on the throne.

The talented artist spent four hours painstakingly etching the amazing 65-foot image using a garden rake. Claire also enlisted the help of local surfers.

"Having help with the shading from passing surfers made a difference; it would probably have taken longer to rake by myself!" Claire, a retired family doctor, told Cover Images.

She started a company called Soul2Sand creating beach art for special occasions.

"When I create a personalised sand drawing, I start by finding out what is important to that person," she explained. "I then try to distil that into a drawing that is meaningful to that person.

"It was the same for Her Majesty; I had learned that she was a keen stamp collector, with probably the best collection in the world."

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral will be held on Monday.