Sand Artist Creates Incredible Portrait Of Queen Elizabeth II On British Beach

The incredible portrait was created by sand artist Claire Eason and is located on Bamburgh beach in Northumberland, Northern England. The talented artist spent four hours painstakingly etching the amazing 65-foot image using a garden rake but also enlisted the help of local surfers to help with the shading. The art was originally created for the Platinum Jubilee, but final images have only just been released as the artist felt an approaching tide washing over the portrait was a "fitting goodbye" to the monarch after 70 years on the throne. Claire, a retired family doctor, started her company Soul2Sand creating beach art for special occasions. She told Cover Images;, "When I create, I start by finding out what is important to that person. I then try to distill that into a drawing that is meaningful to that person." "It was the same for Her Majesty; I had learned that she was a keen stamp collector, with probably the best collection in the world.". Claire said she chose the image of a first class stamp because it is one of the most recognisable of Queen Elizabeth. She continued: , "I was very saddened when I heard the Queen had died - she has been a part of everyone's life for so long."