Samira Wiley found it 'easy' to keep baby secret during pandemic

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Actress Samira Wiley was thankful to spend much of the COVID-19 shutdown isolating in Canada because it allowed her to keep her wife's pregnancy a secret.

The Handmaid's Tale star and her spouse, TV writer Lauren Morelli, have been holed up in Toronto due to the pandemic, and it gave the couple all the privacy it needed to enjoy its journey to motherhood away from the public eye.

Discussing how they were able to keep the news quiet until announcing her daughter George Elizabeth had been born in April on America's Mother's Day this month, Samira said on U.S. TV show Watch What Happens Live: "It was real easy! It's really crazy the things you can hide in a pandemic when you're locked up in Canada...!

"We didn't even have to not leave the house, because we weren't leaving the house, and no one could come to Canada, obviously with the pandemic, so it actually wasn't that hard," she added.

The family time has been crucial for Samira and Lauren to adjust to life as first-time parents, although the actress recently admitted it's been a little scary at times taking care of their baby girl.

"I'm pretty sure I thought I killed her like a couple times," she previously quipped on CBS This Morning.

"Every single thing has been amazing and awesome," she explained, before acknowledging parenting can be "horrible sometimes when I don't know what's wrong with her and I can't get her to stop crying".

"But then I'm like, 'Did you just smile at me? Or was that gas?' I'm not sure, but I'm gonna go with the smile," she added.

Samira and Lauren met on the set of Orange Is the New Black and tied the knot in Palm Springs, California in 2017.

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