Samanatha Barks felt 'drunk on love' at wedding

Samantha Barks and Alex Stoll had a dream wedding day credit:Bang Showbiz
Samantha Barks and Alex Stoll had a dream wedding day credit:Bang Showbiz

Samantha Barks felt "drunk on love" at her wedding.

The 'Les Miserables' actress married Alex Stoll in an intimate ceremony in Tuscany, Italy, earlier this month and the pair hailed their celebrations as the "best day" of their lives.

Samantha gushed: "It was everything we could ever hope for, and so much more. You plan every intricate detail of a wedding and hope it all happens the way it’s supposed to, and it did.

"There was nothing I would change from the day, it all went perfectly and smoothly, but what you can’t prepare yourself for is everyone you love being there and celebrating with you, and the atmosphere of that. It took us by surprise.”

The 31-year-old beauty wore a stunning white gown with a flowing train and she admitted it was hard to be "rational" about her bridal outfit because she spends every day portraying Elsa in the West End production of 'Frozen: The Musical'.

She said: “When I wear Elsa’s dress every day for my day job, it’s quite difficult to then have a rational idea of what is a 'princess dress'. But I felt very much like me in the dress, which is great. I spend my life being other people and other characters so, on my wedding day, I wanted to feel, ‘That’s so me’.

“You’re supposed to look for your wedding dress a long time in advance – but that’s way too organised for me. It wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped it would be. A lot of the dresses I’d picked weren’t available."

The couple chose Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's 'A Star Is Born' duet, 'Shallow', for their first dance because it has special significance for them.

Samantha told the new issue of Britain's OK! magazine: “I love the song and the film, but we have a very funny story of doing karaoke [to it].

“As a singer, I don’t normally do karaoke. We were in a restaurant and it was a little tiny room and no one was there. They say dance like no one’s watching, well we were singing like no one’s listening. We were properly going for it and we turned around and 200 people swarmed.”

Alex added: "At that moment, the sky opened up and it was pouring down. It was thundering and lightning. It was also a song we listened to a lot when we first started dating.”