Sam Smith obsessed with McDonald's

Sam Smith is a huge fan of McDonald's credit:Bang Showbiz
Sam Smith is a huge fan of McDonald's credit:Bang Showbiz

Sam Smith is obsessed with McDonald's.

The 30-year-old pop star can't get enough of the fast food giant's menu and loves "every single thing" they serve - insisting the burger chain's meals are "fabulous" and they go to their local branch so often all the staff there know the singer by name.

The Sun newspaper reports Sam told an Australian radio station: "I love McDonald’s. I love all of it. I think every single thing on the menu is genius. The world’s addicted, but it is fabulous. There’s a drive-thru near my house in England and they know me by name now."

However, Sam does't always come home with a full meal - they often pop in just to pick up a hot drink. The singer added: "I sometimes turn up and just get a coffee, it’s not always food, it’s a lifestyle."

Sam previously admitted struggling during the COVID-19 lockdowns because the fast food chain's outlets closed.

In a post online, the pop star declared they just wanted a fast food dinner and a fun night out, writing: "I just cannot wait for McDonald's. McDonald's and a gay bar. That's all I need."

They also shared a video in which they confessed to being part of a Whatsapp group full of McDonald's fans who try and rate the company's food.

In a video posted online, Sam revealed: "I had to sample the double quarter pounder yesterday because it’s new. I love McDonald’s I have a Whatsapp group where we compare McDonald’s around the world because it’s different everywhere around the world. It should have a Michelin star."