Sam Smith claims people only wanted to date them for fame

Sam Smith has found dating difficult credit:Bang Showbiz
Sam Smith has found dating difficult credit:Bang Showbiz

Sam Smith claimed people only wanted to date them for their fame.

The 'Too Good At Goodbyes' hitmaker - who is non-binary and uses gender-neutral pronouns - has found looking for love frustrating because people often just want to be their "friend" or to meet them.

They told the new issue of Britain's Rolling Stone magazine: "Some people will just date me to be mates. Or to meet me. It was very odd, and I was angry. I was like, 'I’ve got enough friends, I’ve got beautiful friends!' "

The chart-topper channelled that frustration into a song on their album Gloria, out next Friday, called I’m Not Here To Make Friends.

The 30-year-old singer used to go out in the hope of meeting "the guy" but their priority now is just to have a good time.

They added: "I used to love that thrill of going out and hoping that I’d meet 'the guy' when out dancing. For me, going out has changed. Now, I go out purely to dance. It’s not about hooking up."

While Sam is still single, the 'Writing's On The Wall' singer is on the lookout for a different kind of lifelong companion.

They said: "I want a tortoise. I want it to be by my side when I pass into a new life."

Meanwhile, Sam has revealed they have a surprising new hobby.

They said: "I do fish now, sometimes. I need help with it – like, if you gave me a rod, I couldn’t do it by myself. But I go on boats with other fishermen, and they teach me. I have fisherman friends!"

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