Sam Fox: 'Page Three was never risque'

Appearing on GMB, former glamour model Sam Fox says Page Three topless models “were never risque” - and that what people are exposed to on the internet is much worse.

In an exclusive poll carried out for Good Morning Britain by Survation, a quarter (25%) of respondents said they would support the return of Page 3, after it was scrapped in 2015 - and Sam agrees.

Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV

Video transcript

SAM FOX: I think we should be proud of their bodies, whether they're-- I think at the moment, there's a lot of pressure for young girls to look a certain way. And I think what's great in that, what's great today is the diversity, that we don't have to be skinny. We don't have to look a certain way. We can be-- I think natural is the best way to be.

- What about age? I mean, for example, if-- it's not a campaign. It's just an argument you make. But if it were to come back, would you pose again?

SAM FOX: With my age, Richard?

- Well, that's I'm asking. Because age is increasingly not seen as a barrier.

SAM FOX: Well, I guess-- well, Joan Collins did Playboy at 60.

- Exactly.

SAM FOX: So maybe I might do Playboy at 60. I've got no qualms with that. If there's photographers and photographers, and there's a thin line that you don't cross. And I think that's why I did so well in the glamor business, because I was never tacky. There was pictures that I wouldn't do. My mom was my stylist. She was always there with me. Because I was young.

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