Sam Fox met future wife at meet and greet event

Newlyweds Sam Fox and Linda Olsen appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about their recent nuptials and revealed they met at a Sam Fox gig.

Video transcript

SAM FOX: Grand, old age of 56. Yeah, I mean, I've always wanted to be married, always. I was nearly married before, but something very unfortunate happened, and then I met lovely Linda six years ago.

- How did you meet?

LINDA OLSEN: At the concert in--

- Did you?


- So were you a fan?

LINDA OLSEN: Yeah, kind of a fan, yeah.

SAM FOX: Kind of, yeah.

LINDA OLSEN: Yeah, no, I always liked her and bought meet and greet tickets. That's how you met for the first time.

SAM FOX: That's right. Meet and greet ticket, and I just went, wow, I think-- yeah, love at first sight, I'd say.

LINDA OLSEN: Yeah, yeah.

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